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Rant for today in regards to the tragic events in Florida

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  • Rant for today in regards to the tragic events in Florida

    I posted the same on my facebook page today. Just wanted to share same here.

    Can someone please explain to me when we will start calling spade a spade. When a crazed idiot shoots up a church full of people in Charleston, South Carolina, government and media blamed two things. Guns and a Confederate Flag. A little sticker that was found on a back of his pick-up truck. The entire nation vilified the Confederate Flag and it became a symbol of hate. Nobody blamed the shooter, they blamed guns and the flag.

    Let’s deal with each one of those things. First are guns. The argument for stricter gun control can easily be dismissed by an example of terrorist shooting at 4 locations in Paris, France. Most European countries have draconian gun laws and yet all of the terrorist were able to obtain, so called, assault rifles. People, unable to defend themselves (England, for example is trying to outlaw knives as well, but that is a separate discussion), were left to either be butchered or hide. It’s easy to kill when no one is shooting back. Florida issues concealed carry permits, but many private establishments refuse to let patrons in, carrying their weapons. There is also a law in many states preventing people from entering places where more than 50% of the business comes from serving alcohol. So we are once again being left with “gun free zones” that never work out in a favor of the victims.

    Now let’s discuss the second part: an object, in this case a Confederate Flag sticker, found on attacker’s car. If we want to make an object into an evil thing, then based on the same logic, we need to treat Koran in the same regard. The most common denominator in most of the terrorist attacks is the so called religion of peace. Yes, through the ages, many wars and massacres were made in the name of different religions. But then something happened, people evolved. Yet, one particular group of people, following the same religion refuses to enter the 21st century. Their idea for the world, it for Koran to rule it all. If media decided to make Confederate Flag evil, then by the same token, Koran should be treated the same way. You have imams openly discussing on what is the best method of execution of gay men. You have nothing but hatred coming from all parts of the world with just one thing in common: Islam.

    When are we going to wake up and understand that there are evil people in this world and what is guiding them is hatred for everything we hold dear, the most important of which is our freedom. Soon, very soon, those in power will start showing pictures of the dead, beat their chests and scream for more gun control. They will blame everything on the NRA. They will take a little bit more of our freedom, just to make them feel better about themselves and to justify their 10, 20, 30, 40 years in government. Some idiot will create a new Hashtag related to the incident and Facebook users will start changing the color of their profile photo. At the end NOTHING will be done against the real threat - the radical Islam.

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    One correction. In the words of the imans… there is but one islam. No radical, no moderate…. just islam.
    Using radical as a qualifier is denying the connection between all moslem terror groups, the koran instructing their actions and the islamic nations funding them.
    Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


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      too bad he did not have an obama sticker on his car