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Boston bridge shut down by climate change protesters during rush hour.

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    Originally posted by Barnslayer View Post

    AFAIK you are not obligated to leave your vehicle. Besides, that would put yo at further risk. I also think you are allowed to proceed or back up at a slow speed if threatened. Anyone here know for sure?
    The civil disobedience mindset is just so typical of the whiny bunch. Under no circumstances can anyone impede their anything though. It’s a triple fail when the authorizes don’t act. Anarchy wins, Civil society is affected adversely and those in power who tolerate or indulge this shit become more emboldened.
    Meanwhile, the guy working 2 jobs, who has no time for bullshit like that, can get to the store to buy diapers for his baby or bread and milk before the big one hits.


      I wonder if any ambulances were delayed?
      I am not armed out of fear of who's in front of me.
      I am armed out of love of those behind me.

      Anyone who says money doesn't matter to them is either a FOOL or a LIAR or BOTH!