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I hope all my brothers and sisters in NY are ready.

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    Originally posted by Finicky Fat Guy View Post

    What is the source for this.
    I saw something similar posted on Jack Posobiec's twitter a few days ago. I don't have a twitter account, but I do have a tab just set for Jack's page. Good source of info & news. First page I read in the morning.
    If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...


      As Far as The driving Vid goes. NEVER EVER stop or slow down. Here in Islip town it is not to bad "YET". But you do get a few assholes.
      That is why I take Moma bear shopping in the BEAST 2001 Dodge Ram Q cab 4X4 V ten. 7K empty. With lots of room for spare stuff.
      Be safe guys. Keep your eyes and ears open
      Better to have A gun in your hand, then a Cop on the phone


        Originally posted by OH UNCLE PAUL View Post
        It seems now the BLM/ANITFA Marxists are setting up chase vehicles to pursue you if you decide to evade the mob.

        They are adapting, and raising the bar.

        Nov 3 is going to be a shitshow no matter who wins. Plan accordingly for the immediate future and for your escape.

        To think that Long Island is a safe haven is wrong. I don't care that Nassau was just picked as one of the safest places to live, the evil will come, even if just for a weekend or 87.

        There probably would have been at least a couple or few folks shot had an armed driver been in that situation and thus obviously would have been justified to defend himself.
        Retired and loving it.


          Originally posted by 1895guy View Post
          this is fucking horrifying. What adds to my fear is that the Kyle Rittenhouse event shows us these animals are now willing to run towards gunfire. Imagine being out to dinner the mob comes, you defend yourself and your family but they keep coming until you are out of ammo. Its a fucking zombie flick at this point. Lock and load boys but dont forget extra mags.
          I don't think they actually expect to be shot at. They are banking that the intended victim will be hamstrung by conscience or hesitation, and when that final decision point comes, won't pull the trigger. It's the same thinking that leads them to step in front of cars.......the driver won't have what it takes to step on the gas and grind his way through.

          Sometimes it works out for them, and sometimes, it doesn't.