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    There are a lot of posts today about "Never Forget". While I agree that this is an event that needs to be remembered, think about this:
    For those of us who lived through it, and those who responded to it, this day is forever burned into our memories. Forgetting is not an option to us. But as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the defining tragedy in many of our lives, thoughts turn to the children of today. For them, it is an abstract concept.
    They will learn about it from the history books and from what we tell them, just as many learned about Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy assassination from their parents and grandparents. This thought gives me some hope. This is the way that time helps heal things. While it will always be a raw wound for us, for them it will be an event to be studied and understood but not felt deeply. Some people see this as a tragedy in and of itself, but I see it as the natural healing process of time.
    We are fleeting beings, here for a short time. If we let a tragedy define us for our entire lives, if we let ourselves stew in the sadness and obsess over the hurts that are done us and focus on vengeance and hate, then those who wished to harm us will have succeeded. Will I ever forget? No, never- I can't. This, like many things, is burned into me, and while I could set fire to anyone who was a part of it and not feel an ounce of remorse, I have learned where to keep this, along with many things. Had I not, they would have consumed me and permanently kept me as the savage thing I have been when called upon. I keep that guy on a short leash these days
    Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Vengeance begets more vengeance. Never forget, but don't let it consume you, know where to keep it. Live your life and spread as much joy and love as you can. This is how we win. This is how we move forward while honoring the fallen.

    Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


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      Very well said, and thanks for posting it.

    • Lovemyglock
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      Beautiful. Simply beautiful...thank you Bill. And God bless.

    • tesla
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      You put a new perspective on a few things for me today, appreciate it and God Bless.