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Another KSG LIGC forum only Deal.

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    Another KSG LIGC forum only Deal.

    This special was popular, so we got more KSGs coming and we will be at it again.

    Here it is, a repeat:

    Kel Tec KSGs for sale to forum members only

    If you want a new Kel Tec KSG in black, we have some that shipped and should be here Monday or Tuesday.

    With all the chaos afoot, I am not excited about selling them to first-time gun owners. I could easily ask $999.00 and sell them in 20 minutes, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to sell them to people who know how to not die with a gun in their hands.

    So, for any Forum Members: $719.00 / Limit one./Limited number available? First come and all that.

    Forum rules to lock one down:
    No messages on the board, the rest of the forum members don't want to hear about it. I'll take a $100.00 deposit to hold one from any serious buyer, until we run out of them. You can hold one for a friend or brother-in-law, but no straw purchases at the time of pickup! No refunding the deposit, be serious.

    You can reserve with a phone call to Alan or Josh ONLY. No texts, emails, no forum posts. 631-261-1235, 8 to 4pm..... Fri and Sat 9-2pm

    We will take cash or credit card same price on the day of sale.

    If you don't want a KSG, sorry to waste your time, carry on.

    LI Ammo, 2 Larkfield Rd. East Northport, open seven days

    Get it guys!!!


      Havfun HabsFan who was looking for this deal again?
      High quality building supplies since 1948! Friendly FFL transfers of long guns, receivers, and ammunition. Feel free to call us at 516 741 4466


        Wow this is a great deal. Tempting.... Do you guys carry the KSG NR model? Was eyeing that before this pandemic started.


          The only real point of the NR model was to buy the gun, apply for a tax stamp, shorten the barrel and have an SBR. Since that doesn't fly in NY, we haven't sold too many of them.
          They also cost more than a KSG, and hold less rounds.
          LI Ammo, 2 Larkfield Rd. East Northport, open seven days