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    Originally posted by O1SalsaX View Post

    Came here to post Bookers.
    I actually just picked up a bottle for a coworker that is a good friend of mine.
    Bottles and Cases in huntington had it for $53 after tax, out the door with a 20% off coupon.
    Not bad at all.
    I can post a screen cap of the coupon that expires tomorrow if anyone is interested.

    20% one item, no minimum or cap.
    Booker's is great, but what he posted with "if money is no object" is Bookers Dot Batch (pictured was 2015-02), a very limited edition. It "retails" for 60, but sells for hundreds as it's a limited release that isn't in most stores. If anyone local has it please let us know in the bourbon thread.

    I updated a "Holiday Buying List" in the Bourbon Thread based on quality and presentation, of what I'd get as gifts. Cheers.



      I like rye whiskey and just got this, at 57% it should be a fun night. Haven't opened it yet, but hope it's not too much.
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        That Rye is going to down like buck shot 114% Proof.


          Destro - Where did you bag the Stagg?? I've been looking all over! I was able to get a Distiller's Select from Woodford, very nice this year.

          Regarding your earlier reply; yes the mash bills are similar and capable of yielding very similar results, but we both know mash bills can only vary so much and much more goes into the end flavor. Environment more than anything else, location in the rickhouse is a huge factor, rotation frequency, etc. And being that Blanton's and Booker's are both single barrel labels, which I'm personally not the biggest fan of only from a consistency standpoint, you can get a bottle you love and a bottle you hate next. $50+ gamble every time. But even putting that aside taking two bottles from the very same barrel, watering one down and leaving one uncut is still going to completely change the flavor of the bourbon. Like having Coca-Cola syrup vs a normal coke.