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    Dash cam recommendation

    Looking for a dash cam that will record while car is parked for the day. And would like to be able to easily transfer it from one car to another. Goal is to find out who is messing with a car while I am at work

    I have no prior knowledge re this subject. However, I may have found some useful information for you via Google.

    The link is to a U.K. website. Hopefully you can find a product which will help you in the U.S. for less.

    Parking protection functionality offers peace-of-mind while you’re away from your vehicle. Not only from collisions with other drivers who may bump into your vehicle and leave the scene, but also from people who may be looking to break into or steal your car. Most dash cams with this feature will automatically engage parking mode when they detect that the ignition has been turned off or that the vehicle has been stationary for a predetermined period of time. To save on memory and power consumption the camera will usually engage a motion detection function and only record video when it detects movement, such as a car or a pedestrian passing within it’s field of view. Also, if the camera detects that the car has moved, either from a collision, or by someone tampering with it, it will again record a video to capture as much evidence as possible.


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      They are pretty good with comparing the latest ones out there.

      I ended up with this dual camera setup ( ) for the separate / hidden DVR unit. Would be a pain in the ass to move cars though.
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        I opted for a front and rear dashcam that had a parked mode.

        Helped me get this driver last week who backed into me and smashed my bumper. The model is Blackvue DR650GW available on Amazon.
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          Lots of recommendations for this, I was looking at the 550 model to save some money

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          There was a recent sale on the 550s but I let it go! Damn!