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You Auto Body Guys Better Step Up Your Game

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    You Auto Body Guys Better Step Up Your Game

    Woman uses sex toy for actual DIY and fixes dents in her car.

    The unique use for a personal pleasure aid seems to work in this ingenious video that any budding DIY fans to learn from

    The astonishing video shows the moment a woman used the suction cup from a sex toy to smooth out the dents in the side of her car.

    The pleasure aid has one end shaped like a penis, but this industrious woman is more interested in the other end.

    Accompanied by men we hear but never see, the French woman works on her car where a scrape reveals a recent incident has damaged the bodywork .

    She attaches the tool to the body work over each dent and then pulls it away to try and flatten them out.

    Although it's probably not what the manufacturers intended, the trick appears to work, as the woman says "No, it's good".

    YouTube / Stopper 11 The video captures a unique way of using a sex toy

    YouTube / Stopper 11 The woman and her friends laugh as she repairs the dent proudly using the pleasure aid

    Perhaps sex toys like this could become part of any automobile enthusiast's arsenal from now on.

    The video, posted on YouTube by Stopper 11, is sure to give amateurs some ideas.

    Reminds me of the Beulah Ballbricker technique.


      Awesome movie!


        If she hadn't attached the dido to the car and slammed her ass into it so hard there wouldn't be dents...


          I thought you'd need a black didlo for black vehicles who knew!


            Sledge + rubber blocks from the inside work pretty good too. Wish I took before/after pics.
            It's all the same, we're all ashamed of our children who can't read between the lies of their textbooks
            This world must bear witness to a revolution every now and then
            We clutched our quills to scribe the bills of this great nation
            Now show me you can hold a fucking pen