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Best place to junk your car/sell it NQA

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    I sold my sons car to Kelly’s Blue book on 25 in St James.

    Dont know if I got the best price but it was easy.


      Park it in Brentwood.
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          Before the tax law changes, those donation services were a good deal, as you got book value donation credit. But now, most people will not be able to claim itemized deductions.
          You can try lowering the price, and see if it sells. If not, those cars for cash flyers posted on many street poles is another option. They're mainly interested in the catalytic converter which contains platinum. They don't give much, $250-$300, but they'll pick it up at your house.
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            Originally posted by cas View Post
            Scrap yard will give you a couple hundred bucks for it. Lower your asking price, you'll still get more and it will be gone.
            Scrap is very low now. 150-250 .