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    Originally posted by Fotheringill View Post
    On the financing. 0% interest for qualified buyers. Wife has credit score of 830. They said she didn't qualify. I ripped up the contract to purchase and walked out. This was a few years ago. Ten years ago, another dealer, dealer provided financing through Chase. Same BS, they came in at 2. something. Wife, who banks at Chase, got her own at 1.0 %. If I get f*****ed with my eyes open, shame on me. How many dealer pull that crap on the financing?
    I had something similar at East Hills Jeep. The salesman was not the problem. They offered their standard 4+% financing which I rejected they said they'd match Bethpage Fed Credit Union which I had mentioned. I agreed. Then some guy hands my salesman the contract and it's back to the full 4+%. When I saw that I said give me back that down payment check and got ready to leave. The salesman brought the contract into a private office. A different guy came out and heard me out. He went back to his office... door open... and got on the phone. He came back with a rate lower than Bethpage from Teachers Fed Credit Union. He got it approved and everything right then and there. I signed and drove the new car home.
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      the ABSOLUTE worst dealership on the island. Not sure how they are even in operation. I got into a heated argument with a salesman over engine availability on a 1500 silverado. I told him i want one with the 6.2L. "ohhh sir the 6.2 isnt available in a half ton... thats a heavy duty engine. " no you are wrong its available please price it out. "How can i price something that doesnt exist?" Once i pulled it up online i didnt get so much as an im sorry. Bottom line after 4 hours in that scummy place dealing with shit attitudes they were still $200 a month and $3000 out of pocket higher than 112 or Atlantic. I literally curse that dealership every time i drive by.
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        I forget which dealership on 112 it was but i know there are a few owned by the same guy i ended up sueing the dealership in small claims court over 20yrs ago and they settled for what i wanted , havent been to a dealership on 112 since.