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2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimitted JK Build

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    2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimitted JK Build

    Since I just ordered the parts to start my build, I thought I would share with the class.

    We started with a 2016 white Sahara unlimited. I'll post before pictures with the after pictures when it's installed.

    I ordered:
    Teraflex 2.5" coil lift.
    Rancho 9000xl adjustable shocks, we have a baby on the way and I thought it would be nice to be able to adjust for softer ride for a period of time.
    Rancho control arm bracket
    Teraflex Exhaust spacer kit
    JKS adjustable front track bar

    Still debating wheels and tires, but leaning towards XD Rockstar 2 wheels and some rubber in a 315/70r17 and a D load rating.

    I hope to get to the install within the next couple of weeks.

    cant wait to see the pics! my gf has a 2009 unlimited sahara, cant wait to put the soft top back on it.


      I'm jealous, I want one for my next car, I just can't justify the money when my 2004 Expedition is basically a station car and my wife's MDX gets driven on the weekends.


        Definitely want to follow your build,,,if you can post before and after pics before you start, ,that would be cool...thanks for sharing. ..


          Which dealer did you get the Jeep from?


            Security jeep


              I'll be following this. Other than a few lights and a trek top I haven't done too much to my '13 unlimited.


                Originally posted by NorthForkSportsman View Post
                Which dealer did you get the Jeep from?


                Trying to figure out which tires to go with, so I posted this on Wrangler Forum, maybe you guys can chime in.

                "Just ordered the lift for our 2016 Sahara JKU, and need to order some rubber. We have a baby on the way, so I want the softest and quietest on-road performance possible while getting the look we want. I have a 2.5" teraflex coil lift and Rancho 9000xl shocks on the way. We want to run 35" tires, and we wanted to stay in the C-D load range, 17-18" wheels, and an aggressive look. To fit this, our options are very limited and all I found was a few 315/70R17 tires that had the look and D load rating.

                Dick Cepek Fun Country or Extreme Country
                Mickey Thompson Baha ATZ p3
                Goodyear Duratrac or MT/R
                Nitto Trail Grapplers

                If I missed any, please let me know, but of these tires, which would give the quietest and most comfortable ride on-road. And if you are running any of these tires on a JKU and feel like sharing a pic, that would be great too.

                Thanks in advance"