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    Originally posted by Shotgun View Post has them now but you won't like the price
    Large Pistol/SPP and I believe small rifle primer as well in Federal/Remington and some CCI $120/1k
    have KY ready when paying!
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      Common issue on a handful of cars.
      For some reason Chrysler dipsticks we're tricky to find, even pre-covid.

      Don't buy universal dipsticks, they break even faster.

      As far as preventing it goes,
      There is probably a rubber o-ring on the dipstick underneath the handle. Make sure its still soft. Silicon spray will help if it's starting to harden. They tend to swell up and bind the stick. Excessive heat will do the same, and sometimes the plastic handle will swell too in extreme cases. Don't abuse the car. Sometimes sludge and other contaminants will build up where the o-ring meets the dipstick tube and have an adhesive effect. Periodically cleaning deposits off the dipstick and the inside of the dipstick tube where the dipstick "seals" is benefitial.

      Don't ever yank, pull, or aggressively twist a dipstick if it is not coming out easily. Carefully and gently twist back and forth (just enough for it to start to move in either direction) while pulling up (again, carefully, don't use a lot of force)
      When you've backed it out enough to be able to shoot some chemicals inside, hit it with a spray lubricant, wd-40 or whatever else, and repeat.

      If a dipstick gives you any resistance when you're trying to pull it out STOP, then proceed with caution.
      Otherwise something silly like checking your oil can turn into an all-day affair, or worse.

      Some dipstick tubes can be disconnected from the motor without having to tear everything apart. In a shitty situation, it's worth checking to see if you can remove the whole tube easily so you can deal with the dipstick at a workbench.

      I've replaced my fair share of dipsticks over the years...

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      • Yaphank Kid
        Yaphank Kid
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        I was going to take the whole tube out of the motor but I've been sick so I don't feel like crawling around under the truck.

      • viper720
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        Yeah I don't blame you
        And honestly this weather is not conducive to crawling around under a car
        Feel better!

      • Yaphank Kid
        Yaphank Kid
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      Originally posted by spider View Post
      I drove my '98 E250 without a dipstick for fifteen years. Nobody needs a dipstick.
      How do you deal with all the dirty air and dust being sucked down the dipstick tube from the PCV system?
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      I saw one video on YouTube where a guy blew compressed air into the oil fill and the dip stick popped out. Looked easy but I'm skeptical.


      • bigbore44
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        Yeah, that'll do it, and make things interesting under the hood ta boot. I just used the correct sized drill bit, and spun the tap in by finger, then the stick started to spin as the tap bit into the plastic. Just continued to spin as I pulled on it gently until it was out of the tube, easy peasy. Less than 5mins while talking the whole time.

      • M-14BULLETTS
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        i used to blow holes in the tops of pistons to cause my dipsticks to fly out of the tube ,,, a little expensive to fix though --- dipstick was fine and none were hurt , can not say the same for the pistons

        or you could fill the oil pan with either and light it to see how far things fly ???? just saying


      Yaphank Kid commented
      01-12-2022, 06:36 PM
      I haven't tried to take it out yet. When I get the new dipstick I'll remove the old one. I'm going to drill out the middle, use a coarse drywall screw to grab it then slightly heat up the sides of the tube while pulling on the screw.”

      That was how I got mine out, but without heating the tube. That may cause the o ring or plastic to get sticky. I drilled a small hole into the top of plastic only a little more than an 1/8” deep, then before I put in the drywall screw I dipped the tip of the screw with a little 5 minute epoxy. Screwed it in until it just grabbed, Let it set till the epoxy hardened then pulled it out.
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        Originally posted by OH UNCLE PAUL View Post

        How do you deal with all the dirty air and dust being sucked down the dipstick tube from the PCV system?
        My mechanic put something on it. The motor popped at 85K from too much ethanol. The rebuild had a broken dipstick stuck in the tube.
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