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Any metal detector guys here

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  • Any metal detector guys here

    Been going for a few years now, mainly at Robert Moses beaches, been to the beach at Oyster Bay a couple of times. Best find a gold & diamond ring, lots of junk and some weird stuff like a 30-06 round that looked like it was there for 50 plus years. Using a Fisher detector, but thinking about upgrading. Store of choice is in Massapequa on Merrick Rd.
    stay alive, carry a 45

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    The shop is in Bellmore not Massapequa,

    stay alive, carry a 45


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      I have one that I got as a gift, went out a few times and best I have found was 18 cents


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        Are you doing the beaches or school playgrounds or ? If you go over to the shop mentioned above Mike the owner is super friendly and has a display of some of his findings. I think the beach is good for finding rings.
        stay alive, carry a 45


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          Haven't been out in a few years, was heavily into it, been meaning to get another. Mine was a Minelab Sovereign XS2. Here is some of the more valuable stuff I found.

          Later, Steve
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            Got one for Christmas several years ago.
            Need a new battery pack.
            Not as easy as people think.
            I found a matchbox car and 73 cents!
            Mine is also good for underwater which is why my GF bought it for me.
            Haven't used it under water though.LOL.
            Want to go out and do it again
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