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    Canon or Nikon?

    I took a pass on the GoPro last week, decided to buy a more conventional camera. Any opinions on the Canon T5, Canon T6 or entry level Nikons?
    Found what I think are good prices on the Canon bundles (Rebel T5 @ $399, T6 @ $549). Anyone familiar? I'm leaning towards the T6 but will take any advice.

    I can't compare. I own a Nikon D3000. Bought it used from B&H. Looks brand new. Lots of used lenses available too. If memory serves I spent ~ $800 total for the camera body, recharger, battery, standard 55mm lens and a real nice macro lens. That last one was the bulk of the expense.
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      I have a Nikon D3200 and love it.

      Look online or at B&H for the best deals. Also you might be able to score a factory refurb model.


        I have all Canon gear.... lots of it. I have used both Canon and Nikon and they are both fine. I was more comfortable with the Canon so I went that way many years ago. Some say that Nikon had not done much innovation in the past 5 years or so and are stagnating.... not sure how true that is as I have not touched or kept up with Nikon in a while. I know back when I was looking into it a few years back, Canon was much ahead of Nikon with the video features on their DSLR's, so that might be a factor since you were looking at the GoPro initially.

        Once you get into one system... and start buying lenses and accessories, you kind of get locked into that system. It would cost me over $20k if I were to switch now. Also, the lenses in the bundles are usually not the greatest... depending how much you plan on getting into it, be prepared to spend some money on higher quality glass. I have the same lenses now that I purchased 15+ years ago, while I have been through a half a dozen different cameras in that same time.

        If you have any specific questions about Canon camera's or lenses, just message me. If you do decide Canon, you are more then welcome to try any lenses out that I have as well.

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          Nikon D5500 and love it. (bought new from B&H)

          It really isn't about Canon v. Nikon (big Canon lover, all my pro format printers are Canon and will continue to buy Canon), but model at budget level.

          At this range (mid, just under full frame) it was Canon Rebel v. Nikon D5500, which the Nikon had more features and was a tad better (the wifi connection and remote was the deal breaker). On the pro range I would def. go with Canon EOS 1-Ds etc. hands down.

          So really you need to compare model v. model at budget tiers.
          (edit: OP there are a lot of good online consumer magazines like CNET that have articles on the "best cameras of 2015" etc. and break it down by levels (entry, mid, pro). I'd suggest reading up there and comparing the features that personally matter to you.)

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            I have a Canon 40D. I used to have Canon film cameras which I sold a few years ago when I was looking for a digital camera set. My ex really wanted a Pentax , so that is what I bought her. After we split I was looking for a new camera and was torn between Nikon or Canon. The deciding factor was buying a Rebel film camera on Craigslist that came with a few lenses for cheap and then buying the digital body to use with the lenses. The reason I sold my older Canon cameras is because Canon went with a whole new lense mounting design that could not use the older lenses. As I recall, Minolta, Pentax and Nikon all allowed you to use the older non-auto focus lenses on the newer body in one of the manual modes so you have a greater choice of used lenses that can be used. If I had to do it over again I would buy a Nikon just because of the lenses that are available, or if you want to be different check out Pentax cameras which have the greatest number of used lenses that will fit it, because in the old days all the aftermarket lense manufacturers made lenses with the much older Pentax screw on mount with adapters to fit Canon, Nikon , etc.


              I have a Nikon D5100. both make great camera's, pick up both models and see which one has the best feel and control button locations .
              My suggestion to you is, over time, you will spend a lot more money on Lenses than the Camera bodies, so Overspend on the body up front and you can upgrade the lenses for years to come.
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                This is a Ford vs Chevy type question.. I have Canon and would reccomend them, but as previously stated, either is a solid choice.
                My personal recommendation is to go handle the cameras. I have big hands. The Rebel series cameras feel too small in my hand to get a firm grip, my ring finger is almost off the cam body and the pinky doesn't touch at all. Going up to the pro series sized Canon 40D, all my fingers wrap the body and I have no worries on loosing my grip.
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                  I'll keep it short and sweet...

                  I have always had Nikon DSLRs (D80, D7100), but pick one system (Canon or Nikon) and stay with it! You are buying a complete system... you will change camera bodies over time as technology improves, but your lenses and flash equipment will be with you much, much longer (technology moves much slower). Some of my Nikon lenses are more expensive than many of my camera bodies.

                  You cannot go wrong with either brand IMHO.


                    My budget is flexible, I got caught up in the bundle deal pricing and started getting a little tunnel vision on price. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to look at a few more systems and come up w my short list. Dollar for dollar I'm feeling like the Rebel bundles have good value but if I'm just going to drop additional $$ on glass I need to consider that more strongly.
                    I am a rank amateur but feel like I miss the textural experience and superior end product that a "real" camera offers over the iPhone and point and shoots that have become so popular.

                    Bonus, if I pay attention maybe I can even unMcFlip my posted photos 🤓