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Iphone and Brave Browser Problem

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    Iphone and Brave Browser Problem

    I've been using the Brave privacy browser on my notebook and my Iphone. I like it and it claims to protect privacy better that Firefox and certainly does better than Chrome, Edge, or Safari. At any rate, all of a sudden, when I try to type a message on Facebook or this site, the field I am typing in moves to the top of the screen on my phone and is covered by a bare with and up and a down arrow as well as the word "Done" so that I can't see what I am typing. If I hit the arrows, the keyboard disappears. to see what I've typed I have to scroll up and down. It's a PITA. I've fiddled with the settings in teh browser and the phone but I don't see anything that looks like the cause.

    Any ideas?
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