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RV electric and heat for a shed?

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    Originally posted by Shamuscull View Post
    Billy why don't you slap some Roxul insulation and 1/4 plywood on the walls. Probably help the mini-split work less
    The shed guys wont do electric, so I dont want to have them do it at the time of build. Also, this thing wont be operated during normal business wife only teachers there 2-3 days per week, 4-5 hours at a time. I need this thing to heat cool the space without insulation, even if it will be wasting electricity, but I would certainly be open to insultaing/paneling the inside after the fact(I just dont want to be forced to get it done immediately in order for it to work)


      Originally posted by FastPhil View Post

      He's definitely going to have to insulate . Paneling on the inside would look good
      The sheets of 1/4 underlayment is inexpensive as far as non-ugly sheet goods go
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