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    So I got my front year done, but been having a hard time working around the weather to get the back done. We have dogs, so I have to stagger front and back. It got me thinking, is there a liquid alternative to all this? I have a 5 gallon backpack sprayer, and I am so tired of crappy spreaders that dont spread evenly. And can you add a little food coloring to the spray so you know what you have hit and what you havnt without dangering the grass? And if so, what color works best?


      Absolutely there are liquid options, but because they are FAR more concentrated than the granules, they take some extra care so that you get the dosage right and even,

      What sort of spray tip do you have on your backpack? Or better yet, what model backpack do you have? You'll want something that takes Teejet tips so that you can get an extended range fan spray tip, so that you can get a decent calibration going.

      Oh, and I saw you mention clover earlier. Don't worry about clover. Clover is nitrogen fixing. It actually fertilizes the ground it grows in, and does not compete with your grass like other weeds. Clover is often a sign of too little nitrogen, and clover should be squeezed out by healthy grass.