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Central A/C bit the dust?

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    Originally posted by cpl_eyeball View Post

    Is this how you made yours?
    Pretty close.
    I used thicker rigid foam but the same type with silver backing.
    Thicker is greater insulation obviously but it's also stronger and more rigid.
    I also didn't caulk it. I glued it and used Duct tape on all the seams. Foil tape would be nicer.
    I also made it higher so i could put regular R-13 insulation inside of the box on the top.
    I then glued building paper over it and sprayed it silver. The ceiling of my attic box has an R value of about R 21.
    I also put weather stripping down on the lip of the attic stairs box to make a tighter seal. I tend to over engineer things.
    Must be the German in me I guess.
    To check it I put a work light in the attic pointing at it and closed the box at night.
    No light could be seen so i think it's pretty tight.
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      Originally posted by Barnslayer View Post

      Yeah, but why did the breaker trip?
      I was labeling all the circuit breakers on-by-one and I guess that's when it happened.


        Originally posted by Aquabach View Post

        All of the above.
        Lowering your heat and raising the temp when cooling when no one is home can save big $
        But you're right. Insulating your home properly is more important . But not only insulate, you need to seal any air leaks and there are tons of them in the average home.
        Air leaks are bad.
        My Dad taught me how to check and how to seal everything. Very important.
        I also built an insulated box for my attic ladder.
        People fail to realize that, that uninsulated area is a giant open chimney just sucking the heat out
        I read a Dept energy report that for the average home that ladder area uninsulated is equal to cutting your attic insulation by like 40%.
        So if you have R-39 but that area is open its as if you only like having R-24
        Big place people forget is the crawlspace. The joists are sitting on a sill and you have a 2 x 10 or a 2 x12 that's uninsulated.

        That's like an R value of 3.
        You can look on line how to properly insulate it,
        Basically I sealed it with caulk, and installed 2 inch rigid foam insulation to the wood. Has to be Extruded Polystyrene (XPS).
        Then I sealed it with great stuff and then I cut then i cut Rockwool insulation and placed it in the cavity.
        rockwool is fireproof, breathes and moisture resistant.
        The difference was immediately noticeable. My oil burner ran less, no drafts any more and my heating bill went down.
        Not sure about my electric since i have solar and produce enough energy that my bills are like $13 per month/
        all of that. When I stripped off the sheathing from my house on LI I replaced it with 1/2 plywood, tar paper, 1" foam board and tyvek. That and replacing the crappy aluminum windows I had with double glazed cut the drafts, heat loss and noise by quite a bit. cut my heating bill in half
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          Originally posted by Aquabach View Post

          I have one too.
          Much better than the old fashioned programmable thermostats.
          Especially for someone like me that has a changing schedule.

          I get a kick out of the people that are concerned with it " listening in" and "tracking me" etc.
          Anyone worried about that better get off the internet and get rid of their smart phone and smart TV
          Same here ..... I get a kick out of people that give up privacy for the next new shiny gadget . No offense of course.
          There are two types of people in this world. People that think the Goverment is looking out for their best interest and people that just think !


            Originally posted by Southshorerob View Post

            Same here ..... I get a kick out of people that give up privacy for the next new shiny gadget . No offense of course.
            None taken.
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