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Electrical Breakers keep tripping

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    Originally posted by Sig View Post
    Put an clamp on amp probe on the circuit and turn everything on to see what you're actually drawing. There's a chance that you may need to add circuits to reduce the draw.
    Agreed, but also note is problem is when everything is "off", no one is home, and no large draw is happening.
    Still sounds like an actual problem in a bad connection wherein the breaker is actually doing its job, or the more likely stray voltage bleed from a low energy draw.

    The OP should check to see what else is on the circuit that trips. The ceiling light likely shares a circuit with other lighting on the same level of the house, but could also be attached to random bedroom or bath outlets that share the same circuit.

    Something as simple as a TV cable or satellite box that is set to record a show might do it. The "ON" click could mess with the Arc Fault.

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      Some arcfault breakers have led indicators to tell why it tripped. Eg...over current vs arc-fault