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Quartz kitchen counter top recommendation.

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    Quartz kitchen counter top recommendation.

    I'm redoing my kitchen and when I finish installing the cabinets I want to get a quartz countertop.
    Anyone have a place or person they recommend?
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    Why quartz over granite? Just curious.
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      Quartz doesn't stain a easy as granite nor is it prone to cracking.
      You need to periodically seal granite which you don't need to do with quartz.
      They are close in price
      "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


        Keep in mind that Quartz is a composite of particles in a resin matrix. To me that means the resin may stain and would be sensitive to heat extremes. I don't have any first hand experience with the stuff, I'm just pointing out possible weaknesses. I remember Corian having to be supported just right or it would crack too. How about poured cement? They do all sorts of finishes with that stuff.
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          I appreciate the input.
          It wouldn't be the first time I've changed my mind because someone poited out something I didn't know or failed to consider.
          I researched it about a year before I started this project. I forgot most of the reasons I choice it LOL
          It seemed that it was a good choice.
          Even granite is mostly a composite as sold today. At least the ones that aren't real slabs.
          That makes the fissure issue less.
          I don't think any choice is perfect. But I decided after seeing quartz in different homes and reading some articles that it would go well with my kitchen.

          I also don't intend on installing it myself. That's why I'm looking for a good honest installer.

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          Thanks captain will.

          I know you're just being helpful, but I couldn't resist.

        Call Andy Karparis at Manhasset Marble - Shop where they fabricate is actually in Mineola down the block from don't even need to go there. They use a yard in Farmingdale. You go there, pick out your slab, and they take it from there. Great guy, quality work.

        You know my full name so tell him I referred. If you only need a small piece, then it may make sense to go to the shop in mineola where you may be able to find remnant pieces and save a fortune.
        Address: 130 Herricks Rd, Mineola, NY 11501

        Phone:(516) 747-9377

        Hours: [COLOR=#212121 !important]Open today · 8AM–5PM

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          That's who I used. It was a slab of granite, beautiful piece for the kitchen and another for my bathroom vanity . I need to see if they do the reseal soon..

        I did quartz in my "other" place and am nothing but happy with it.
        Zero - nada - no maintenance other than Windex and a paper towel.
        I try not to beat it up. You know, I use a cutting board and all, but it looks brand new three years on.
        I don't have a Long Island recommendation for installers though.


          FYI...pick the color you want first. There's about 10 companies that make Quartz. They all use the same process and machinery. They just mix proprietary colors. You will find a large discrepancy in price. The Isreali manufacturer being the most expensive.

          After that, pretty much every fabricator can order your slab and machine it.

          Quartz is great. I've had no issues with staining, chipping, etc. I've been using it for 10 years.

          I use Distinctive Marble and Granite in Holbrook. Figure about $80 a sq ft installed.
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            Did my quartz counter top through home depot almost 10 years ago. They sub'd it out but I don't remember the name of the company. Still happy with it, fits great, still looks great and zero maintenance besides usual cleaning.