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    wheres my wife

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    I wonder if she is tired of lack of eye contact, but if she was, I think she would be wearing a baggy sweat shirt and a sports bra. To our few lovely sisters-in arms, I hope this is not offensive, and it wasn't meant to be. I think anyone should be able to wear what they want, and if you got it, show it, but don't be mad if people like it!
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    • Lovemyglock
      Lovemyglock commented
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      Not offended in the least. You're 100% right on all points.

      When I worked in the city 100 years ago it cracked me up to see how ticked off some women would get when guys stared at their boobs, which were barely covered up! lol

      Cute joke OP

    • MSA77
      MSA77 commented
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      Thank you LMG! Just pure honest observation could have been offensive, and I really like the one rule here. Being offensive to others here would not be consistent with that rule. Maybe a light-hearted joke could be on the borderline, but I was being serious, and I'm glad it wasn't offensive!

    • NRATC53
      NRATC53 commented
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      LOL Deb, yeah, I always laughed at those girls too. They dress like that and spend all day pulling their clothes up or down to cover up. A good looking girl can wear a tarp, I'll notice her. Sorry, that's just me