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    The Rock Sings...

    Not really a big fan of his, but this one made me smile....
    Artist formerly known as TERRY P

    Love the Rock. He's a staunch Republican and a decent guy in real life.
    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin


      Thanks for sharing!! Rock is the man!! That's getting emailed out..
      Hunter, NRA Life Member, NYS Deplorable


      Pro Political Term Limits
      Anti High Capacity Mag Limits
      Fuck Andrew Cuomo's Suck my Ass Act



        Not him actually singing but this is funny.


          Dwayne Johnson is awesome.

          (but obviously this was an edit with Hillary of an old song he did on RAW. He actually sang it to Vicki Guerrero on WWE RAW in 2014)

          He's a super-charismatic dude who made a great success out of his wrestling platform into movies (he was the #1 box office actor of 2013!). He does have a surprisingly good singing voice--he sang a version of "What a Wonderful World" in that kids movie with Vanessa Hudgens and Michael Kane.

          And of course, his old boss Vince McMahon is buddies with Donald Trump and McMahon's wife Linda ran for senate in CT as a Republican.

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