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    One instructor I've trained with describes a single purpose, defensive knife and includes knife work and combatives as part of every pistol class. As I recall, his knife training comes from Sayoc Kali and he/they list these as the required characteristics: aS sear point, a straight line from tip to center of the handle, a distal taper (narrower at the point and gradually thickening, finger groove for preventing your hand from slipping down onto the blade, and a rounded cap for your thumb. They also recommend an ambi sheath with no shelf on which to catch the blade when putting it in the sheath. This is the knife they recommend from Headhunter blades. I also bought a quick draw training strike plate that works with a shot timer. Pretty cool, a hit is loud enough to trigger the timer so you can time knife strike from the draw to impact. Sadly, their site is being updated so I can't link to it. Worse, despite training with this training blade, I am terrified of actually carrying it in NY because something tells me it'll get me a prison term.

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      E7C8A76F-F8E1-47C6-BB97-D369A4D27C61.jpeg This is my favorite and you can conceal it in your bra.


        Originally posted by Chief Brody View Post
        I’ve always liked my Kershaw Blur S30V and I have a KaBar Becker BK17 for my woodsy work.

        Where do we stand on the legality of assisted-opening folders?
        The blur is a cheap, very handy, good quality knife. I have a ton of customs and super fancy knives but that blur seems to always be close by. It’s not the best at anything but it’s damn good.