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  • Working dog trainers?

    Anyone have some PERSONAL recommendations for folks who earn their living with working dogs?

    Ive got an 8 month old czech working line gsd, with an amazing head on his shoulders and a solid foundation to build on.

    Past off leash obedience I have no idea what im doing, and need someone who can help me get the full potential out of him.

    Ive gotten pretty good at weeding out shitty trainers and folks in over their heads, but im having a hell of a time finding someone who can train a solid working dog (not sch/ipo sporting games. Those have their place for proving blood lines, but its like a boxer and a bar fighter)

    TLDR- Need someone with solid experience training dogs for protection work. Clicker trainers need not apply. Im not the average asshole who doesnt know the level of work involved.

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    Did you Consider sending him away?


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      Considered, but would rather be present/involved, so that I can see whats being done and have mistakes on my end corrected.


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          I know someone, let me get his info and I'll pm you, he specializes in bite work.. I have seen him work with Muriel's dogs.. Including dogs from the same bloodline as my own, he is not cheap though.

          8 months is also a little late to get started on this.
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            Well aware im late to the game, this is my first experience with a real working dog. Its taken me this long to get him obedient off leash, and run out of trainers to try.

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          My buddy is a k9 cop and great with dogs. Went to separate schooling for training outside of work. He does it on the side now when not working...only thing is he's been doing a ton of ot so his schedule is spotty.

          Where are you located?
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            Holbrook, just north of the LIE between 61 and 62

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          PM sent