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Safe Combination Change Disaster

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    I have the XXL, purchased 2-3 months ago from Even though it weighs almost 900 lb, set up was a snap [pun intended] Because it would be to heavy to build on the ground as suggested, i built it standing up right. Its a 2 person job but took less than 2 hours after we had the crate all unpacked. Everything fit together perfectly and all is labeled with part number, and orientations. There was only 1 mislabel on the inner safe floor which took 5 minutes to identify and redo.

    Mine is an electric combo

    Only 1 complaint, no hole to run the electric cord for the humidifier. I wish i realized that and drilled one before finishing the install.

    My safe was shipped about 3 days after ordering it and arrived less than a week later. They say curbside delivery but it got put into my garage. [i did tip $20 but the driver didn't know that when he agreed to put it in the garage] The crate as well as the truck is unlabeled. The sledge hammer wasn't included as it was supposed to be but it wasn't needed at all.

    As stated above, the Ruger version doesn't include fire protection and its worth the extra money to get it. The accessories that are included are ok, a dehumidifier, a motion detected light, a pistol rack and i think a gun sock. This arrives separately and i didn't get mine till i called to inquire a few weeks later. Gunsafes was very apologetic and shipped it out that day.


      So there's no reset I can do from the inside, huh? Well, I'll spin the dial some more tonight.
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        Originally posted by Harmonic View Post
        Anyone else own a snapsafe? I'm thinking about their Titan or Titan XL model. Any feedback?
        I don't own one but I assembled a Titan XL for a friend. All went together fine & seemed fairly well made.
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          Worst case I would open up the lock and decode the combo from there. - Heck, I probably would've already done that, since the door is open and both combos don't work.




              Thanks to all, (especially Surfer21) I'm in. Problem solved by Hornady's help line.

              ​​​​​​There's a step beyong just dialing the correct combo that was not mentioned in the other wise decent instructions.

              If I had to do over I'd get the digital lock. I'm too klutsy for the mechanical.
              Ballistic: "Grif... You are my legal eagle spirit animal...."