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Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

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    Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

    I have the Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe.

    I like it for what it is (a step above a gun cabinet).

    It is a very light 66 pounds and must be bolted to the floor/wall (it feels even lighter). It comfortably fits three rifles.

    A big plus about the safe is that it has a 120 fingerprint memory. I saved each of my fingers in the memory in case some of my fingers get shot off while I am trying to get to my safe.

    I also programmed my fingers at different angles in case only part of my fingers get shot off.

    I am not sure what I will do in the event that all of my fingers get shot off.


    I have their handgun safe. It's okay. Biometrics are still a bit twitchy, doesn't work with moist hands etc., doesn't always open on the first try. I have an Amsec pistol safe with a simplex lock that is far more secure and always opens easily, I prefer that for under the bed. Young kids in the house so leaving a gun out isn't an option.


      I agree. I programmed multiple fingers, and multiple finger angles, because it did not always work on the first time. I was joking when I said I did it because I was concerned that all or part of my fingers may get shot off.


        I have the Barska also - never an issue opening and have it timed at about 3 seconds from pressing button to unlock. That short amount of time works in my plan.



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