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    When after three times I don’t have to input my numerical code to unlock my iPhone when my thumbprint fails, call me. Until then, fuck no.
    Still here but still counting down. The inventor of Hawk fishing.


      I have a biometric Fort Knox safe at work. It is the biggest pain in the ass. I usually use the pin code to open it. If I use my fingerprint and it doesn't work, it takes about 5 seconds for it to reset. Then I try again, if it doesn't work, it's another 5 seconds. Even if it does work it's about the same 5 seconds from power up to it opening. Five seconds is an eternity if your ass is on the line.
      No thanks to this technology for me if it comes to my life depending on it.


        Even if these biometric gadgets become 99.9% reliable there are still the variables you cannot program into a thumb scanner. Stress, perspiration, Astroglide, who knows what might get between you and the device. Access to a bedside gun needs to be especially foolproof, this has too many what ifs.

        Note to self: Invent something. If this won $100K out of 2200 entries there is gold in them thar hills.