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Need help Locked out of safe

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    Originally posted by Sig View Post

    Problem is the safe is way out in the sticks. Not sure if there a pro that can do this within 150 miles.
    That could make it tough
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      Must be frustrating as hell when you are following sane procedures. Yesterday, I voluntarily bought a toggle switch to replace a working yet somewhat wobbly one of a machine at a business I sold last May. 15 minute job right? I was there for two hours pulling my hair out when it didn't work and I thought I may have shorted out the motor. Turns out a wire from a capacitor that was hidden to sight had ruptured, which I found after I made a trip home to retrieve an ancient Micronta Radioshack voltage meter. When in doubt, check for continuity.
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          Originally posted by LI Ammo View Post
          this is actually a viable option considering it's a snap safe. just replace the panel.


            Originally posted by LI Ammo View Post
            Mines a Makita. Snapsafe is sending a new door panel assembly also. How many wheels should take with me?
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