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    Originally posted by Range Time View Post
    ...The obvious answer does not seem to be supported by those who use them, but I think I'm going to try it and find out, since I'm not hearing any good reason to get the extra 6".
    It's a tough call. If the safe is relatively well insulated from temperature swings (and a layer of fire insulation and typical interior padding should be sufficient), then I'd think that the smaller rod may be good. If it's just a metal box, then maybe not, since we live in a particularly humid environment.

    Originally posted by Range Time View Post

    Good point! I missed that. They do seem nice for scratches, but you do lose that nice look when you open up the safe.
    To be fair, when I bought my socks, it was before rods and other high density modular storage options were on the market. That, and my safe interior is entirely my own construction, so I kept things simple.