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  • Best Dog if SHTF

    I never get tired of SHTF topics. I find them fun and a nice intellectual exercise.

    I think the best SHTF dog will depend upon what you will use the dog for, the extent/length of the SHTF event, and whether you plan on bugging in or bugging out.

    The three general categories are working dog, guard dog, and watch dog.

    I had large guard dogs in the past. They took up a lot of room. They claimed my bed (but I drew a line with the couch), and they took the space of two people when travelling.

    They also ate a lot of food, and needed a lot of exercises.

    I was nervous when they were around other people’s children because I knew how powerful they were, and how a playful nip had the potential to cause serious injury.

    In regards to working dogs, some breeds can also serve as guard dogs. However, if you plan on bugging in on Long Island, I don’t think you will be able to fully utilize a working dog for long. Therefore, the needs of the dog may outweigh its benefits.

    If SHTF were occur in the near future, I will have to bug in. Therefore, I think my needs would be satisfied with a small companion dog, with a large personality/heart. That is why I went with terriers (plus they look very cute).

    Terriers are very active when engaged, but will happily spend the day sleeping. They are very protective, and will kill any rodent/varmint smaller than them.

    What are your thoughts? Is there a perfect dog?

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    The kind that tastes best


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      Buahahahahahah!!! Winner!

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    Belgian malinoise, that's what I have.. If it's good enough for navy seals and police (replacing GSDs) then it's good enough for me


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      Belgian Malinois for sure ..Love my big Shep..113lbs of pure security...
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        best dog = destro dog. The romans put armor on them and marched them into battle. 88e26db9011fb5ab782a2505d8d1c21e.jpg


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          Really big dogs mean you will eventually be competing with your dog for soon to be scarce protein.

          I'm happy with my versatile hunting dogs for such a purpose (German Wirehairs, Pointers and Griffons). Able to point, retrieve fur and feathered game on land and in water. 45-60 lbs. Love to catch and kill vermin. Will blood trail deer. Big enough to put off human snoops, small enough to occupy tight spaces.

          But the biggest criteria is a breed with a predictably positive health history. Lame dogs with bad hips, eyes and organs are useless for the duration.
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          • Destro
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            This is actually a well thought out answer. I was going for the cool factor with a badass Cane Corso, but you raise many good points.

            Many smaller dogs like terriers are also good mousers, which may be an issue when vermin rises in the aftermath.

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            Thanks D, The European versatile breeds were born out of the middle ages. The poor villagers and farmers, who were basically in the shit for generations, knew a dog had to pull its weight around the hut, keeping the rats, foxes and coons at bay. They also were key in their hunting pursuits, often being used to poach off of the gentry's off-limits lands, so the dogs were smaller, solo hunters that quietly pointed as opposed to pack hounds. They were also bred to be good swimmers and to have good dispositions to live in the home.

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          dobie. Quiet, fierce when needed, doesn't eat as much as the monster dogs.


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            ill stick with my meatball.. i mean pitbull... hes a meatball though..


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              Nathans FTW.

              Seriously, check out Chesapeake Bay Retrevers.
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                My dog Cola was a stealth looking security dog, as protective as my German Sheperd, had the disposition of a Newfoundland/Rottweiler mix and at 110lbs of solid muscle, could pull me out of an upstate lake.

                My suggestion: don't get one bigger than you can carry because they will give you 100% effort in everything they do.
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              my want him ?


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                Nathan's. With the casings.


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                  For SHTF, Last thing I want is a dog to take care of


                  • LI Ammo
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                    Exactly. You want a dog that will take care of you.

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                  Check this mean look! "Make my day"
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                    I'm a Rotwieler lover, loyal to the very end, a little hard headed in the puppy stage, but when they hit a year old they are easier to live with.
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                      For those that don't know the Belgian Malinois he's a short video, I like them too

                      stay alive, carry a 45