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Civil unrest and kids away at college

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    Civil unrest and kids away at college

    Wasn't sure where to put his but this section seems appropriate - mods feel free to move. This falls under plan for the worst and hope for the best.

    Needless to say 2020 has been one hell of a year. We've had impeachment proceedings for a sitting President, Covid 19, collapsing economy, protests and rioting, TP shortages, some food scarcity and we still have 96 days until the election.

    I'm fairly confident that leading up to the election we will see more of the same and other things all geared towards ensuring people remain fearful, distrustful of others and generally so overwhelmed that voting come November will be so far down the list of concerns (ie: day to day "survival" will take precedent) that we have record low turnout which would likely benefit a particular basement dwelling candidate.

    There are many things that could elicit that outcome in lots of people (Covid wave 2 or 3, food shortages - real or manufactured, further collapse of the economy and peoples ability to pay for food and shelter, etc.) One group has been pounding the "vote by mail" drum since the primaries. One need only to look at the most recent elections in NY to see how fraught with problems that has been - see this article by Vanity Fair - in my humble opinion there are groups that will stop at nothing to effect that outcome.

    So what would be one of the ways to ensure vote by mail was the ONLY means of casting a ballot this coming fall and that so few people would care to bother.? Well - most voting is done electronically these days. Even if you fill out a paper ballot - they typically get scanned to record your vote and tally the results. So a widespread power outage leading up to the election would be a fantastic way to take voting in person off the table. It couldn't be too far in advance of the election as that would leave time to arrange for in person voting with paper ballots. So my best guess would be somewhere around 2 to 4 weeks right before the election. With widespread power outages likely the only means of communication would be the good old US Postal Service - no more internet - no more cell service once the backup batteries running the cell towers discharge - just plain old snail mail. Meanwhile after 2 weeks with no power many people won't be bothered to vote by mail as they will be focused on their empty refrigerators and how they are going to keep from going hungry.

    Putting aside the all of the implications of what's written above - what would you do if you were sending your son or daughter off to college this fall to a location that is 370 miles or 6 hours away by car?

    Let's assume he/she can take a car with them to school. If anything like the above happens what do you tell them to do in that scenario?

    1. Stay in place until we (the parents come get you).
    2. Wait 3 days and if nothing has changed and parents haven't arrived attempt to drive home to Long Island?
    3. Wait 3 days and if nothing has changed and parents haven't arrived attempt to drive to grandparents located approximately 340 miles from school taking he/she further from parents home in Long Island.
    4. Other?

    Frankly I have no other thoughts on what to tell them to do and was hoping to hear from the collective minds here on which of the above makes the most sense. Do I really think what I've gamed out above is going to happen? A few years ago I would have said no fucking way. Now I think there's a non-zero chance of something like that happening - maybe 10 to 15 %.
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    If the school is in NY there isn't anything you can do except hope it is a very prestigious/ wealthy school and deemed untouchable by whoever is giving the commie scum their marching orders. Either that or it is so far into the boonies that nobody would bother making the trip to cause trouble.
    I went to school (fresh. and soph. yrs) in Canton NY. Nobody goes there unless you're a student. Everyone else was just born there.
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      I wouldn’t wait 3 days. Max two days and bail. If everything goes back to normal then you just had a road trip. If things go south at least you are on your way. Most ppl will have more supplies at home, so makes more sense to me to head towards home than towards a college with a shitload of emotionally unstable snowflakes.

      Also make sure you map out side roads to get there and back as in the event of something crazy, main roads and bridges can be a parking lot as seen during 9/11. Tell the kids to keep the car always gassed up and having some spare fuel might save you from having to hit a gas station.


        Firstly, you are developing a plan, that puts you way ahead of most. Having had a Child go to school 650 miles away I understand your concerns.

        I think it depends on the demeanor of the child and their comfort level in dealing with rapid change. Sometimes simple is better in high-stress situations.

        Yes, you should have an alternate "Safe Place" closer for them to go but that place needs to be very secure from all current issues. You must ask those at that destination if its OK in advance. Covid and Grandparents may be an issue and as much as I am sure they probably wouldn't say NO, its an important consideration and concern.

        I suggest you pack a "Kit" in your child's car like this one:
        Put some small denomination $20.00 bills in it, sometimes Cash is still King. Also, add a 110v charger and car charger and 2 cords for their phone and blankets.
        For added peace of mind, consider this:

        Also, encourage them to always have a minimum of 3/4 tank of gas in their car, no excuses.

        Whichever destination they choose, suggest that as soon as they have internet access to email you any information about their location and the direction they are headed.

        IF they develop a close friend at the school that lives closer than the Grandparents, ask your child to invite them to your house during their 1st school break. Evaluate their demeanor and their home situation to see if that might be a good landing spot.

        Any questions, feel free to PM me.

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          Ham radio?
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            Some added details

            School is in central Virginia - so to and from means I 95 which takes you through the DC area OR heading west to take I 81 up through Pennsylvania before cutting across to head east to Long Island. Either way it would require coming through/across NJ and Staten Island or Bronx to get onto Long Island - not sure having them head into that without knowing what's going on is a great plan. Grandparents are near the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee which is WSW of the school and obviously further from home in Long Island but between school and the Smokies it's I 81 all the way skirting Salem and Roanoke which would be the only two major cities en route to that destination.

            Edit - she has friends that live in Northern Virginia that she has stayed with before. That's an option I hadn't considered.
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              might want to shelter in a large hotel away from the action that might have some form of security


                It totally depends on the kid. Mine roll their eyes when I bring up emergency planning.
                And putting a kit with cash, chargers and other important stuff in the car risks those items being pillaged in non emergency situations.
                If the kid takes this stuff seriously, then any plan is better than no plan.


                  Both of my kids are well armed and prepared. So I feel comfortable they will be somewhat safe.

                  I do worry that their outspoken opinions on liberty, will make them targets with the marxists on campus though.
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                    If your kids' college is not in a large city, I wouldn't sweat it.

                    By the way, my son went to college in South Carolina, we made over 16 or so trips back and forth, and never once took I 95. Set your GPS to Harrisburg, and then re-set it for your college in VA once you get 20 miles past the Pa border. ( I- 81) No big cities, much less accidents and traffic and only a few miles longer (and better scenery).
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