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Renewing on their fakakta website

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    Originally posted by Postal Bob View Post
    A lot of websites will only function properly on the latest Edge, or Chrome browsers. They will not work with older browsers like Internet Explorer. The NYS DMV is certainly one of them. It took four attempts trying to pay for my son's driver license renewal (Internet Explorer), before I tried it on the Edge browser and payment went right through.
    Sometimes it's the other way around with gubment websites.
    But one thing I have never had trouble with a private corporations website is paying them.
    it's amazing how incompetent every aspect of government is.

    Things that Taco Bell, McDonald's, Walmart, ebay, etc do with ease our governments ( local, state, fed) fuck up.

    Last week I went on the NYS DEC website to sign up for the MANAGED LAND ACCESS PERMIT. Something that is required to hunt these areas but is free.
    My first question to myself was " if it is free why do I need a permit? Why isn't my NYS hunting license sufficient?" I never asked them that question. I might as well ask my dog to recite the gettysburg address,
    Anyway, the form is a pdf and it must be filled out on line and must be emailed to them via a " Submit email" button.

    Which of course didn't work.
    So I called. They told me Chrome didn't work. So I used Micosoft Edge and Fire fox.
    Still didn't work.
    So I saved the pdf and emailed it to them.
    OH NO NO NO. I got a email back stating that is unacceptable, it must be emailed through the submit button.
    I had to get a tech person from DEC to " help me fix what was wrong with my computer"
    The computer I use to fill out pdf files and click on submit buttons for work every single week without a problem.

    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


      I told you, remove floppy disc and restart Ms-Dos, and stop screaming your SS# in to CPU.


        I renewed with no issue just the other day. I thought it was a pretty easy process.


          I remember closing out and having to redo it as well. Only got charged once. Their system sucks.

          Just not the same experience without getting to visit the fart boxes.


            Originally posted by raceradam View Post
            $200??!! To renew??
            Someone has to pay for all their "administrative" restrictions.