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Gun permits suspended in ongoing probe of NYPD

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    Gun permits suspended in ongoing probe of NYPD

    Gun permits suspended in ongoing probe of NYPD, source says

    Updated May 2, 2016 9:41 PM
    By Anthony M. DeStefano [email protected]

    The corruption investigation into the NYPD’s gun licensing department has led to the suspension of about two dozen pistol permits and the review of close to 150 applications, said a high-ranking law enforcement official Monday.

    The permits are being pulled back for review as NYPD internal affairs investigators probe the dealings of cops who handled pistol applications in which a Borough Park safety patrol member may have acted as a paperwork facilitator, the official said.

    Any handguns held by those whose permits have been pulled will have to be surrendered to the local precincts pending the outcome of the inquiry which, if no wrongdoing is found, could lead to the licenses being restored, according to the official.

    NYPD gun licensing procedures became the center of a corruption investigation after FBI and NYPD officials determined that the safety patrol member, Alex Lichtenstein, may have attempted to bribe some cops for help in getting his clients gun permits.

    Lichtenstein was arrested last month on federal bribery charges after an undercover officer taped him allegedly offering the cop $6,000 for every license the officer delivered.

    Lichtenstein, 44, a resident of upstate Pomona, has denied any wrongdoing and is free on bond. He had been a member of the Shomrim safety patrol, based in Borough Park.

    As a result of the pistol permit investigation, three officers have been disciplined: A sergeant and a police officer were placed on modified assignment and transferred out of the licensing unit and Deputy Inspector Michael Endall was transferred out of unit and reassigned to an administrative position pending further review, Commissioner William Bratton said April 18.

    The gun licensing scandal is one of a number of activities in the NYPD that have triggered joint department and FBI probes. According to law enforcement sources and court records, investigators have been looking into possible improper gifts given to some high-ranking police brass by politically connected businessmen from Borough Park.

    The investigation also led to the indictment of businessman Hamlet Peralta on charges he ran a $12 million Ponzi scheme.

    So far, only Lichtenstein and Peralta have been charged. No NYPD officers have been accused of any wrongdoing.

    I find the fact that the situation is so corrupt in NYC that people feel the need to bribe someone to help get access to a Constitutional right just as disgusting as the people facilitating the access for money..


      "if no wrongdoing is found, could lead to the licenses being restored,"

      Which also means if there is no wrongdoing, they might not be returned. The city is going to use this as an opportunity to grab guns.
      “The constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
      Alexander Hamilton


        proving criminals will find a way to get guns even if you have them registered and licenced and regulated for ownership.


          The fact that the only way for those who were not politically connected to get their license was through bribery should automatically invalidate all restrictions immediately. Political corruption should be penalized with death.


            if you have a license in nyc there must have been wrong doing. why do celebrities have them and a law abiding citizen cannot?
            the celebrities coulfd afford to get lawyers anf fight for there 2nd amendment rights. not much different then bribing someone they both paid and not one of them filed a class action suit to get everyones rights restored (not that they should have to)
            let's make america great again


              I am not exactly sure how bribery charges to exercise a constitutional right would be worded. Like paying the police to let you go to church. At that point It would qualify as a donation to something.
              Give peace a chance, I'll cover you in case that doesn't work out.

              LIBERALISM should be classified as a MENTAL DISORDER!