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Wayne County Pa offering non-resident license

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    Congrats and best of luck!

    Please be aware the map on their counter reflects reciprocity for PA residents only.

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      Yep 👍🏼, i have from other states as well

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      CCW is a great smart phone app that updates reciprocity, laws, changes, etc. automatically.

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    Pictures of that lake i found from the day I went. Wish i knew ahead of time about the lunches there.
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      Sheriff Nau retired a couple of years ago.
      I spent a good bit of time chatting with him just before he hung up his hat.
      He said the incoming sheriff is like minded. I renewed not long ago and it was just as usual. No problem.
      Bryan Sampsel was elected after Denny Nau retired. I spent about an hour w Bryan a few years ago when I last renewed there. Super nice guy, very 2A friendly and accessible.
      Of course the old LI fail safe...showing up with bagels for the office doesn’t hurt. The ladies who do the physical licensing are nothing but pleasant and usually get you out the door w new license in hand in about 20 minutes. The best $20 you can spend 👍