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In Nassau - 'You can kick their balls, but you can't touch them!' said Curran

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    In Nassau - 'You can kick their balls, but you can't touch them!' said Curran

    A New York county executive has been left red-faced after making a hilarious gaffe during a press conference that announced the reopening of tennis courts.
    On Friday, Executive of Nassau County Laura Curran announced that tennis courts have reopened in time for Memorial Day on Long Island, during a press conference held in Eisenhower Park.

    But things quickly went awry as Curran gave a breakdown of how players should approach ball handling.
    'Every player, unless they're from the same household, has to bring their own tennis balls so that you don't touch other people's tennis balls with your hands,' she began.

    'You can kick their balls, but you can't touch them!' she says, pausing just long enough to realize the accidental innuendo.
    'I'm going to blush, sorry,' Curran admits.

    Colleagues and others who attended the press conference failed miserably to contain their giggles as Curran continued.
    Curran begins laughing partway through, but regains her composure to finish out the press conference.
    'To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a sharpie to put an X or someone's initials on them,' she said.

    Footage of Curran's press conference soon made it to social media, where thousands of people got a kick out of the blunder.
    'This could be a cold open for #SNLAtHome,' one amused user said.
    Several users admitted to having a childlike humor.

    Saw that on the Sunday news, very funny bet the police office was laughing under his face mask.
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