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    Originally posted by Synner View Post

    Well look at that idiot Fauci who says movies can’t open up until there’s a vaccine for a year. Meanwhile lots of states that aren’t rotting shitholes like this one have their theaters open.

    I wish that asshole would go away already; but I’m off topic. Sorry.
    Do as I say not as I do......

    Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


      Originally posted by rlitman View Post

      Antibodies are a sign of a recent infection, but the lack of antibodies does NOT equate lack of immunity. Antibodies have a half life in the order of weeks (like many cells in the bloodstream). T-cell immunity lasts for many years. It is established fact that people exposed to SARS1 in 2003, SEVENTEEN YEARS ago, have full immunity to SARS2 (COVID19) today, even though they do not have enough antibodies to test positive, and T-cell testing (a VERY expensive and time consuming process that so far has not made it out of research laboratories into general population testing) has proven that lasting immunity to COVID19 is very real, since people infected with the current virus have developed the same T-cell immunity as the original SARS infected population.

      To date, there has been ONE case globally (among the countless millions of cases) of a person actually re-infected. That alone is pretty telling. Yes, the possibility of re-infection is real, in the sense that every person's immune system works in different ways, but statistically, on an Earth with nearly 8 billion people on it, the odds of you being reinfected are almost as low as the odds of a passing meteor preventing lightning from striking you while being bitten by a shark.
      I believe SARS-2 exposure has resulted in definite T-cell response as well.