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    Originally posted by TTSkipper View Post

    While his name was Richard, he was not actually a dick. The kid kept to himself I think so he didn't get any verbal abuse. Honestly, for a small school, about 150 in my graduating class I honestly barely knew him.
    Still sounds like one of those names you'd write on the attendance sheet for a substitute teacher.

    Dick Hurtz
    Mike Hunt
    Mike Hoch
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    Originally posted by TTSkipper View Post

    Must be the kid I went to high school with. These are pics from my senior high year book. My photo is on the right. No one ever called him Dick to his face. I can't imagine what kind of parents he had.
    I had a neighbor back when I was a kid, her name was, no shit, Ofelia Thing.
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    My Ex dealt with a guy in her business whose name WAS Richard Head. He would pick up the phone and say: "Dick Head here"
    I worked with a guy we CALLED Dickhead (not his real name) and he answered to it
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    Originally posted by NRATC53 View Post
    My Ex dealt with a guy in her business whose name WAS Richard Head. He would pick up the phone and say: "Dick Head here"
    I worked with a guy we CALLED Dickhead (not his real name) and he answered to it
    Sometimes it's easier just to "own" it. Lol


    • NRATC53
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      We called that guy Dickhead for a reason- He constantly lived up to it., The other guy? Yeah, I could see where if you own it, there's no place to go with it

    In the original This Old House show they listed a cameraman named Dick Holden.
    Then there was race car legend Dick Trickle.
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    • SemiAutoFetish
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      I guess Dick Trickle was a legend in falling short of the finish line???

    • Patriot1965
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      Richard Leroy Trickle (October 27, 1941 – May 16, 2013) was an American race car driver. He raced for decades around the short tracks of Wisconsin, winning many championships along the way. Trickle competed in the ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, All Pro, IMCA, NASCAR, and USAC.

      In more than an estimated 2,200 races, Trickle logged one million laps and is believed to have won over 1,200 feature races.[2] He was billed as the winningest short track driver in history.[3] Trickle's career highlights include racing to 67 wins in 1972,[4] winning seven ARTGO Championships in nine years between 1979 and 1987, winning back to back ASA AC-Delco Challenge championships in 1984 and 1985, the 1968 USAC Stock Car rookie of the year, and winning the 1989 NASCAR Rookie of the Year award in the Winston Cup Series. Trickle was nicknamed the "White Knight" as referenced by his sponsored SuperAmerica paint scheme, when he raced in Wisconsin.[5]

    I went to high school with a kid named" Harry Dick"...not bullshitting, he was a nice guy and took alot of heat for that name, its hard to find a first name that works with a last name of " Dick"....hello Mr. just cant get away from not wanting to snicker...
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      Well not that Wifey asked - but she was told hes out of the hospital ------- theres always next time ------ shit --
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