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My first deer and my fragile neighbor.

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    Originally posted by Synner View Post

    Or wear it outside. After all, it’s cold now.
    There were 2 guys who would sit in chairs on the side of the road in Long Pond Pa when there was a race at Pocono. They would sit with deer skins (head and all) on over their heads and not say a word
    Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


      I was travelling for business last week and had dinner at an Olive Garden (no comment - it was close to the hotel). Needless to say, the people seated at the table next to me were from Plainview, and I'm highly doubtful they were the "process game in their yard type" (more the annoying send everything back to the kitchen type and ask for a discount. Honestly - it's the freaking olive garden, it all sucks).

      And no, I don't miss Long Island, but congrats on your first deer and having the balls to process it yourself!
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        congrats on your first deer , i got a doe sat, but had it done upstate or i would be at your door .. normally i do the processing in my garage .


          As luck would have it, yesterday afternoon I killed my second deer just two weeks after my first. I have it hanging in my garage waiting to be skinned and butchered. Unfortunately my neighbor isn't home right now but I keep checking every 20 minutes or so hoping she will show up. I guess eventually I will have to get started whether she is home or not. I've been doing a bit of reading about aging. What are your opinions about letting this deer "age" in my garage until next weekend? The warmest it will hit is 42 degrees this week.

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            I think my butcher in Centereach usually likes to hang them for three days but he will butcher them more quickly if its in the 50s out.