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Good guys win again - Oregon mom fatally shoots intruder after finding him in her child's bedroom

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    Good guys win again - Oregon mom fatally shoots intruder after finding him in her child's bedroom

    Oregon mom fatally shoots home intruder after finding him in her child's bedroom

    After finding a stranger in her child’s bedroom, an Oregon mother opened fire and killed the intruder early Sunday morning.

    Police arrived at the home in Portland at about 1:47 a.m., when they found a dead man inside.

    The homeowner, 33, called 911 and told officers she shot him.

    The mother had been out with her two children, 5 and 10, when she came home and spotted the creep in one of her kid’s bedrooms.

    Already armed with a handgun, she shot and killed 59-year-old man hiding in her child’s room.

    Police are still investigating the incident, and will present the case to the Multnomah County District Attorney to see if the mother will be charged. She has been cooperating with police in the investigation and has not been arrested.

    The home intruder’s autopsy is scheduled for Monday. He is expected to be identified after his family is notified.

    Great shooting
    One less scumbag in Oregon




        If this happened in NY she wound have been arrested for murder, been convicted of manslaughter and having 10 rounds in her gun, and then get sued in civil court for depriving the scumbag's family for loss of consortium and of the love and companionship the scumbag was bringing to them.

        But it's ok.... There's money for the Orlando monument...

        Actually I stand corrected. The problem is that there are no LED lights in Oregon. If she had them surrounding her property the intruder (cause we all know criminals are afraid of LED lights, it's like UV light on a vampire to those people) the scumbag would never had made it into the house. So since she failed to take a non-violent approach first and install her lights, she cannot invoke self-defense.

        Yep.... She would be toast here.
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          Well, he was hiding in a closet, so he wasn't aggressive or dangerous. She should have offered him some Starbucks and a vegan sandwich and talked him out of his anxiety about being a pedophile kidnapper or rapist, whichever he would turn out to be. With proper counseling I'm sure she could have saved his life and made him a productive member of society. It's not his fault that she had little kids at home to play with and he didn't. (personally I hope she shot him in the man parts first)
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