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MIddletown , Sept. 8th, 9th. Anyone going ??

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    Good show. I don't know why but, on the entrance door was a big poster "NO PHOTOS". I had never seen that before. I wonder why. Anyway, it was an enjoyable 3 1/2 hours, recognizing and talking with vendors from previous shows. We saw Marty from T&T and chatted with him for a while. He remarked that there are less and less older firearms to be found. I found some Swiss k11/31 clips which are getting harder to come by for $10 a piece, some 30-30 ammo for $12. a box, and a small carry purse (for my wife, assholes). towards the end I cut a deal on a nice JB Marlin with a question, "What's your I don't want to pack this up and take it home price." Then I knocked it down another 50 bucks. Funny thing, my wife was holding it while I went to the john and two guys asked her if it was for sale. It happened another 3 times as we were walking around before we left, even an FFL who was walking around buying who had seen it and was going to go back to him. I may bring something to the next show to finance a purchase.
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