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Tom brokaw: Allowing americans to own guns will lead to homegrown terrorism

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    Tom brokaw: Allowing americans to own guns will lead to homegrown terrorism


    We all know that mainstream news is slanted liberal and that liberals really hate guns, but what Tom Brokaw just said may be the most anti-gun thing ever uttered by a member of the leftist propaganda machine. The semi-retired newsman basically said that the Constitutionally protected right of gun ownership will only lead to homegrown acts of terrorism in America so we have to get rid of it.

    USA Today reports that Brokaw gave the commencement speech at the University of Mississippi on Saturday. Rather than giving the graduates a typical “bright future” type of message, he wanted to continue their liberal indoctrination with a strong gun control rant:

    On gun issues, Brokaw said common sense has to prevail.

    “I’m appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people without any appreciation of the consequence of evermore lethal weapons in our midst,” said Brokaw.

    In his roundabout way, he said he is disgusted with groups like the NRA for protecting our 2nd Amendment rights and equally sickened by us for exercising those rights. Also, please note the use of the dumb liberal idea that today’s “superweapons” are somehow more lethal than firearms from the good old days.

    That was just a warm up for this insane statement:

    “More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror,” he said.

    What? If we as a society “tolerate” the right of gun ownership it’s going to lead to homegrown terrorism? That’s liberal logic wrapped in passive aggression: “Sure you can exercise your Constitutional rights if you don’t mind puppies and babies being killed.”

    And again, this is dumb liberalthink that says guns are inherently evil and make people do unspeakable things. Guns don’t force otherwise normal people into committing acts of terrorism; they are inanimate objects. If anything, gun control would cause homegrown terrorism. There’s something about fascist rule and oppression that brings out the rebellion in certain people.

    “Yes, we have a constitutional right to own guns … but with that right comes a personal obligation to be on guard against the promiscuous use of guns (and) not to pretend that no limits means no trouble,” he said.

    Why do liberal always qualify the 2nd Amendment with a “but”? This statement might be worse than the last one. He’s saying that “technically” we have a right to gun ownership but guns are immoral so we must reject that right.

    Brokaw finished by saying that “commonsense” gun control and resisting our Constitutional rights are “the traits of an enlightened people.” In other words, if you support the right to keep and bear arms, you are a Neanderthal.

    In another part of his speech, Brokaw gave a hint as to why he thinks the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t protect the right to own a gun:

    He told graduates “the rule of law is inadequate if the rule of heart isn’t an equal partner.”

    Did you get that? You legal right to have a gun should be on equal footing with the fragile emotions of liberals who want to take your gun away. I’d say that perfectly sums up the lefty gun control position.

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    Tom Brokejaw should STFU.


      He is a typical Fudd. He hunts, owns guns, but I guess its ok for him.
      "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."
      - Thomas Jefferson

      "Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms."
      - James Madison


        Allowing Tom Brokaw to open his stupid pie hole will result in liberal bullshit flying out
        "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


          He should stick to defrauding the US Gov't and taxpayers out of millions in farm subsidies for his ranch. Sheep and mohair subsidies because he owns the animals is bullshit. He is neither a farmer or in need of financial subsidies on the backs of taxpayers. FUTB


          • Aquabach
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            And that's a perfect example why rich liberals love socialism.

          This just in...Tom Brokaw is a DOUCHE!

          Armed Americans will prevent any terrorist take over of our country. When the shit hits the fan, somebody make sure to send this putz out in the open with nothing to protect himself but his mouth. I am sure our enemies will make good use of it when he is captured.


            Futb, futb, futb, futb,!!!
            NRA Benefactor Life
            NRA Instructor & RSO
            NYSRPA, SAF, GOA


              Do this turds ever get sick of listening to themselves talk? It's mindless psycho babble that makes no sense and has no factual or statistical basis.


                What a crock of shit


                  Hang it up're news reader nothing more so STFU!!!When did these talking heads nitwits become experts on the shit they report??


                    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


                      I guess owning pressure cookers and bags of fertilizer will also.


                        "Brokaw finished by saying that “commonsense” gun control and resisting our Constitutional rights are “the traits of an enlightened people.”

                        Two or three responses instantly came to mind.
                        1. Go fuck yourself. Who the fuck are you to tell other Americans we should be resisting any of our constitutional rights. Mother fucker.
                        2. If I was your father, I'd drag you behind the wood shed and beat the shit out of you for dirtying the family name.

                        But my final and official answer....

                        You are a draft dodger and have no moral right to complain about a country that you were not willing to defend.


                          He may have a legitimate concern for his own safety, but his wording is off. I would say that 'allowing Americans to own guns will lead to homegrown revolution'

                          To me, it's becoming inescapable that our culture is destroyed & the Republic is dead. I don't give a damn about Democracy as it's been made abundantly clear that 'Democracy' has just led to more & more of my rights being stripped. Unfortunately, the only path that may remain is a revolution by armed patriots. Maybe Brokaw sees this group as the final element of the resistance & considers all gun owners as possible 'terrorists' to the regime that he supports.
                          Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.