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HILLARY: AR-15s are “Combat Weapons” that are “Advertised to Children”

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    HILLARY: AR-15s are “Combat Weapons” that are “Advertised to Children”

    HILLARY: AR-15s are “Combat Weapons” that are “Advertised to Children”


    Not only does Hillary applaud a Connecticut judge’s ruling that will allow Sandy Hook families to sue gun manufacturers, but now she’s arguing in presidential debates against Bernie Sanders that the AR-15 is a “combat weapon” that is “advertised to children”.

    Hillary Clinton says the AR-15 is advertised directly to children.

    — Bill (@DefendWallSt) April 15, 2016

    Really? Do you recall seeing all those advertisements selling “combat weapons” to kids? Yeah, well, you aren’t alone. Most people don’t. The responses are pretty funny.

    @DefendWallSt Yeah- turn on the Nicktoons and the Disney and all ya see are them AR-15s being thrown around like candy and toys for kids.

    — Donald Hagenwald (@DJH_2036) April 15, 2016

    @DefendWallSt My kids like em.

    — Guild_Navigator (@tsalex23) April 15, 2016

    @DefendWallSt my 4 year old knows all about them and even has a patriot ordinance on his Christmas list

    — Seamus O'ffensive (@Seamusoffensive) April 15, 2016

    @DefendWallSt @weaselzippers ffs.

    — Heather Champion (@winningatmylife) April 15, 2016

    Then again, Hillary has already stated that when (not if) she becomes president, she’s plans to pass a lot more gun control executive orders… She’s made it pretty clear she’s just frothing at the mouth to take people’s guns away.

    Get ready, America.


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    Blow a gasket fatty


      Fuck her


        ^ No thanks!


          Even Bill didn't want to...


            I saw the debate earlier this week when she talked about AR-15s. There's no doubt in my mind that she would try to issue an executive action similar to 1994.


              What an asshole... Plain and simple....
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