It’s graduation season and thanks to universities’ overwhelmingly tendency to choose liberal speakers over conservatives, college students are being fed a bunch of nonsense right before they enter the real world. The latest case in point: the University of Mississippi had the honor of having NBC’s Tom Brokaw lecture them on guns during last weekend's commencement.
"I'm appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people without any appreciation of the consequence of evermore lethal weapons in our midst," he said. "More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.”
“Yes, we have a constitutional right to own guns … but with that right comes a personal obligation to be on guard against the promiscuous use of guns (and) not to pretend that no limits means no trouble,” he said.
At least he admitted the Second Amendment exists?
This isn’t the first time Brokaw has pushed back against gun rights. In 2013, he said it was “far-reaching” for gun owners to claim their firearms are necessary for protection against a tyrannical government.
Brokaw is one of many liberal pundits invited to speak at graduations. Yet, surprisingly, some liberal politicians have offered some refreshing remarks about political correctness in their recent commencement speeches. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized the presence of “safe spaces” during his speech at the University of Michigan earlier this month. He was booed for those remarks. Then, President Obama rebuked Rutgers University during his commencement address last weekend for silencing conservative viewpoints and scaring away Condoleezza Rice when she was invited to speak in 2014.
Since when did a college podium become a tool for political rhetoric? Shouldn’t these keynote speakers be focusing on encouraging graduates to “reach for the stars” and stuff? Note to keynoters: Save your talking points for cable news.