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80,000-Plus Attend NRA Convention, While Moms Demand Rally Draws ‘Around 40’

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    80,000-Plus Attend NRA Convention, While Moms Demand Rally Draws ‘Around 40’

    80,000-Plus Attend NRA Convention, While Moms Demand Rally Draws ‘Around 40’

    A similar scenario occurred in April 2015 as Moms Demand held a rally to counter the NRA Annual Meetings, that one held in Nashville, Tennessee. Breitbart News attended the Moms Demand Rally in Nashville and took photographs to show the group was only able to garner about 150 attendees to counter the approximately 70,000 who attended the NRA meetings.

    In 2016, the disparity in size between the two groups was even more glaring. The NRA’s attendance surged by more than 10,000–to an excess of 80,000 attendees–while Moms Demand’s attendance fell to what The Courier-Journal described as “around 40” gun control proponents.

    Breitbart News spoke with the NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam at the gun rights gathering on Saturday. He said the NRA was “using about every square foot” in the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center to handle the crowd. On the other hand, Moms Demand gave tickets away for “free” to its event and still drew only “around 40” attendees.

    AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at [email protected].

    Pat ------> NRA Lifetime Endowment Member #FAAFO

    Wow, now they have even more photoshopping to do than last year!

    400 or 100 gunbanners, either number pales in comparison to the nearly 80,000 Americans who attended the NRA convention...

    Fairfax, VA –-( If a picture is worth a thousand words, you should be skeptical about what this picture from “Moms Demand Action” has to say.

    The photo, the caption for which claims that it shows “hundreds” of anti-gun protesters, was taken a half-mile or so from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville over the weekend.

    However, so was this photo, which shows that there were only about 100 protesters. And that includes the unfortunate children of some anti-gun adults who selfishly dragged them along for show.


      I didn't see them last year in Tennessee or this year in Kentucky...The thousands of NRA Members drowned them out...Maybe they stayed at the trailer park, because the 80,000 plus NRA Members had the hotels..