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Bernie sanders considered soft on guns by his fellow democrats

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    Bernie sanders considered soft on guns by his fellow democrats


    Sen. Bernie Sanders remains a darling of the far left on the political spectrum. But, according to Politico, he has one politically incorrect position that has proven to be a vulnerability. Coming from a rural state, Vermont, he is considered to be soft on guns, from the point of view of his fellow Democrats. He opposes a bill that would make firearms manufacturers responsible for the use of their products in the commission of a crime. Sanders fellow senator, Kristin Gillibrand of New York, broke down and cried about the issue and begged Sanders to change his position for the sake of his political stance and his immortal soul.

    To be sure, Sanders adheres to the standard liberal positions on guns. He favors an “assault weapons” ban and increased background checks. But, he draws back from supporting the legal liability bill. Such support would be political poison in Vermont, where people are more comfortable with the ownership of firearms. The bill is also likely unconstitutional; as it would be a defacto ban on the private ownership of guns in clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. In any event, the bill has no chance of passing so long as either house of Congress is controlled by the Republicans.

    Still, the idea that Sanders is soft on guns and even, as some liberals maintain, in the pay of the NRA is pretty bizarre. The trope may well hurt Sanders, especially in New York, where African American Democrats are receptive to the idea that restrictions on firearms would help to tamp down on crime. The position is not supported by any serious study or any real world analysis, but that does not seem to matter.

    Opposition to guns would also likely hurt any Democrat, who proposes to run in the general election. The NRA is powerful and feared because it speaks for quite a few Americans who are suspicious of any attempt by the government to restrict their right to keep and bear arms. The issue of gun rights is just one of many that will hurt Democrats in the current election.

    Pat ------> NRA Lifetime Endowment Member #FAAFO