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Tom Arnold calls for stricter gun control after his nephew shoots himself to death

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    Tom Arnold calls for stricter gun control after his nephew shoots himself to death

    Actor Tom Arnold calls for stricter gun control after his nephew, 24, shoots himself to death

    Actor Tom Arnold called for stricter gun laws a month after his 24-year-old nephew with a history of mental illness shot himself to death.

    The nephew, Spencer Arnold, was kicked out of the army after a failed suicide attempt, the comedian told reporters Wednesday.

    But he was still able to obtain a carry permit for a gun upon his return to his hometown Iowa City, Iowa.

    “Which is crazy to me,” Arnold said. “He was deemed unsafe to operate a weapon…by our [army].”

    Gun Violence Awareness draws gun control, anti-violence pleas

    Arnold blames himself for the death.

    In the fall, the actor tried to take away Spencer’s guns but other family members tipped off the troubled young man.

    “Maybe I should have tried again,” he said. “He was…a beautiful boy, heart of gold.”

    At the time of his death, authorities found five loaded handguns next to his bed.

    “That would be like me sleeping next to a cabinet with chocolate cake and a drawer full of cocaine,” the senior Arnold said. “That’s a temptation that’s just too much.”

    Moms march across Brooklyn Bridge to seek gun control

    Meanwhile, the call for greater gun control was briefly interrupted to discuss the alleged shooting at UCLA. “It’s blocked off down there,” said Arnold, who was calling in near the school.

    Arnold, who grew up in Iowa, has always been a gun owner.

    But the actor tossed away his weapons “within a day” after Spencer’s death.

    “I know how dangerous guns are,” he said.

    As for politics, the actor called GOP presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump an “idiot” for his position on the issue.

    “He’ll say anything,” Arnold said. “He’s a conspiracy theorist. To say teachers need to be armed is the stupidest thing ever. They need to be good teachers.”

    In 2013, the “True Lies” actor publicly slammed lax gun laws in America, arguing hunters don’t need semi-automatic weapons.

    On Wednesday, he recalled how he worked at a meat packing company for three years before hitting it big in Hollywood. Employees at the firm would frequently get into fights but they would never use knives or guns, he remembered.

    “There was this decorum,” he said. “Life has changes for these kids and suddenly they have access to these crazy guns you wouldn’t believe were toy guns when we were kids.”

    Arnold hopes that by speaking out he can help save lives. “This is about keeping the guns out of the wrong hands,” he said
    Actor Tom Arnold called for stricter gun laws a month after his 24-year-old nephew with a history of mental illness shot himself to death.
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    If he was suicidal, he'd kill himself with or without a gun. I don't see any sense in thinking gun control would have kept his nephew alive.

    i guess I shouldn't expect a man who married Roseanne Barr to have any rational thought process in his head....


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      110% - Exactly on point. The gun was just the quickest/easiest way out for him at that time and place.

    • Lovemyglock
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      well said Anna, on both points

    "Arnold a gun owner TOSSED AWAY his guns a day after his nephews suicide ". Oh real responsible TOM. SMH



      It was the guns fault? If someone is suicidal he may have needed therapy or maybe he needed to be in a mental institution.
      maybe Tom could have helped out with that. Asshole
      let's make america great again


        From a guy with a long history of making questionable choices and decisions I cannot put much stock in this guys views. Add to that he us a grieving relative and he loses all objectivity on the issue.
        That the young man was separated from service for an attempted suicide I have to ask whether he was accessing care or the service just washed their hands of him. Thus is not such an uncommon story.
        For the 10,000th time, it's not the gun, it's the man. This case includes mental health issues to boot.
        Sad on many levels


          I'm sure he tried really hard to take the guns away. Colossal Douche


            This guy was a blood relative to Tom (drug re-hab) Arnold? The same person who willingly had sex with Rosanne Barr and didn't even have the good sense to keep it a secret? Yeah, whatever you say Tom. Your part in "The Stupids" was your finest hour.
            Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


              If the facts are true, I hold the government largely responsible for his death.
              First, he was in the military when he was found unfit to serve. I would think he would be referred for counseling. Fail one.
              Second, he was able to obtain a permit and pass a background check to purchase a firearm. His mental illness should have come up on a background check. Fail two.
              His family will have to bear some of the blame for apparently being in denial or just looking the other way.
              of course, he could have killed himself, with or without a gun and with or without help, but it looks like nobody gave a shit and didn't bother to try to help him.
              Sad all around, especially because it may have been preventable.


                If My Uncle fucked Roseanne Barr I'd kill myself too
                "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


                  Tom Arnold...... Well he's back for 5 minutes of fame. Fuck off!


                    Arnold blames himself for the death ... that's it .... case closed. This fucking article covers ... veteran suicide ... gun control ... presidential politics... affirmation that fighting is acceptable if you don't use a knife or a gun.. and that guns are as much of a temptation to people that are suicidal as food is for fat people.... and not for nothing but for this guy to have gotten a gun 'Legally" (after his discharge) from a FFL he had to have lied on his federal form...


                      Here is an excerpt of an interview this numb nut gave ......During the conference call, Arnold revealed that his nephew, Spencer Arnold, legally acquired a gun in Iowa after being kicked out of the U.S. Army for a failed suicide attempt. His nephew had later committed suicide. Arnold said legislative changes are needed to prevent someone like his nephew from legally purchasing a firearm.

                      Like I aid before ...not legally purchased. Sorry the kid thought this was the best solution to his problems .... but real simple ...the people that talk about committing suicide , attempt suicide or both are almost always the people that in fact do commit suicide .. gun control cannot change that.


                        The sad fact of the matter is the young man did not receive the help he obviously needed and would have taken his life by any means available. Blaming the gun is easy, instead of looking within yourself and seeing how you failed this young man. May he rest in peace!

                        Ps You married whining Roseanne Barr, so it is safe to say your judgement is suspect at best!


                          "his 24-year-old nephew with a history of mental illness " Says it all right there Fuck Tom Arnold, how is he or any celebrity relevant anyway


                            Originally posted by Southshorerob View Post
                            "Arnold a gun owner TOSSED AWAY his guns a day after his nephews suicide ". Oh real responsible TOM. SMH
                            Maybe Ol' Tom has suicidal thoughts. Memories of sex with Roseanne must be horrific!