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Gun Control Group Backs Hillary Clinton and Pledges Help With Primary

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    Gun Control Group Backs Hillary Clinton and Pledges Help With Primary

    Gun Control Group Backs Hillary Clinton and Pledges Help With Primary

    Hillary Clinton during a discussion with the Mothers of the Movement, a group of black women who have lost children in clashes with the police or in gun violence, in Philadelphia in April. Eric Thayer for The New York Times
    A major gun control group has endorsed Hillary Clinton, offering a lift to her campaign in a tighter-than-expected primary race in California and as she tries to pivot to a general election matchup with Donald J. Trump.

    The group, Everytown for Gun Safety, announced its endorsement through a statement released early on Friday, the day after its National Gun Violence Awareness Day campaign.

    “Gun Sense Voters have a champion in Hillary Clinton,” John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in the statement. “Our litmus test is simple: does a candidate side with the public or with the gun lobby? Hillary Clinton passes that test with flying colors — pushing back against the N.R.A.’s extreme ‘guns for everyone, everywhere’ agenda, and ushering in a new political calculus that saving lives from gun violence is a winning issue.”

    The group said it had waited to fully evaluate the candidates and to learn its members’ preferences before making an endorsement, which comes months after three other gun control groups issued a statement calling Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic rival, the wrong candidate on gun control.

    Everytown was founded in 2014 by Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, who put in $50 million of his own money in an effort to form a group that could rival the National Rifle Association. Erika Soto Lamb, a spokeswoman, said that the group did not speak for Mr. Bloomberg, who has not made an endorsement since deciding against a third-party run earlier this year but who has been highly critical of Mr. Trump. Ms. Lamb said she could not comment on Mr. Bloomberg’s intentions.

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    In addition to the endorsement, Everytown pledged to help Mrs. Clinton’s campaign get out the vote in California’s primary on Tuesday, the spokeswoman said, hosting phone banks and door-to-door campaigns that would start over the weekend. The group also claimed credit for Mrs. Clinton’s wardrobe on Thursday, as she wore an orange shirt during her foreign policy speech as part of the group’s “Wear Orange” awareness campaign. Though it said it had no plans at the moment to begin advertising campaigns, it has done so in support of candidates and ballot initiatives.

    Gun control has played a large role in the campaign so far, and Mrs. Clinton has frequently addressed the issue, seeking to draw clear distinctions between her positions and those of Mr. Sanders. Mr. Trump, for his part, has accused Mrs. Clinton of wanting to “abolish the Second Amendment.”

    Mrs. Clinton has also run numerous ads on the subject. Before the New York and Connecticut primaries, the campaign ran one that featured the daughter of the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, who was killed in the mass shooting there in 2012. “No one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than Hillary Clinton,” the daughter said in the ad.

    Before the Iowa primary, Mrs. Clinton ran a broadcast ad speaking directly to the camera saying, “Either we stand with the gun lobby or we join the president and stand up to them,” an unnamed jab at Mr. Sanders. On the campaign trail, she took her attacks further, saying Mr. Sanders had “voted with the N.R.A.” and against some gun control bills.

    Mr. Sanders has often strongly defended his record on guns, noting that he has a D-minus rating from the National Rifle Association.

    Everytown has also directly criticized Mr. Trump throughout the primary. During his recent speech to the N.R.A., Everytown began a hashtag campaign called #MakeAmericaSafeAgain, playing on the candidate’s campaign slogan.
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    I have a good place for them to put their "litmus test." Do you side with the public, or the gun lobby. Typical liberal asshat. I guess they are now the authorities on what the public wants. It is everybody versus the millions of legit, responsible gun owners.

    Why, because that's the way these idiots roll. Bankrolled by a megalomaniac that wants to control what size soda we drink! You almost can't make this crap up, but sadly this is all coming to a head in November. While I give Trump some credit for keeping it real, he is doing dumb things that can really hurt him in the general election. Hitlary is so horrible, and has no acomplishments, I just don't understand why he has to a attack a female Latina Governor, because he was mad she didn't show up to his rally. You don't like her, win the election, then give her nothing, but stop making enemies with everyone. He doesn't like the sitting federal judge in his Trump University case? Keep it too yourself! Does he have to make, and reinforce the case that he might not have the temperament for the job?

    Unforced errors. Not from me, heard it from a pundit on Fox, and I don't let Fox do my thinking for me, but sadly I agree. And if Hitlary does get indicted? Does he think he is going to cake walk into the job? No, that will be Biden, already tuning up to step in. And he doesn't have the baggage that Cankles has.
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      I love the way they throw the word 'children' out there when it should read 'thugs' or 'gangbangers'. Screw you hillary


        Most telling part of this article that people that back Hillary are POS.

        "Hillary Clinton during a discussion with the Mothers of the Movement, a group of black women who have lost children in clashes with the police or in gun violence"

        They're a group of women that lost their precious angels to "clashes" with police and Hillary is happy to get their endorsement.
        "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


          Oh look hillary clinton uniting with the families of dead thugs and criminals. I'm shocked. More anti-cop bullshit from the left.
          “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin