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Hillary-supporting website selling severed Trump head T-shirts

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    Hillary-supporting website selling severed Trump head T-shirts

    Gee. I wonder what group of Hilary's friends think beheading is a good idea to get a message across.

    Feel like Election 2016 could use a bit more incivility? Well, then, we’ve got the T-shirt for you!

    For a mere $27.68 a pop, the overtly pro-Hillary website Wonkette is peddling anti-Trump apparel, complete with Clinton holding The Donald’s severed head.

    Luckily, there’s a historical reference to hide behind here, the story of Judith and Holofernes. Whether that will keep the Secret Service at bay is anyone’s guess.

    Lovingly designed at Wonkette’s Missoula, Montana fashion studios, there’s no word on how many have sold since it became available a few days ago. Should they run out, however, there are plenty of other items on offer, including “Truck Fump” notebooks, mugs, pillows and of course, T-shirts.

    For those who aren’t worried about Geraldo Rivera’s reaction, there is a hoodie version at the bargain price of $55.54.

    Before agents bust down the door at Wonkette HQ and all of this becomes a costly nightmare, we’ve captured screen shots of the merchandise in question. At least there’s nothing violent on the back side:

    Is that Bill looking on behind he bride?

    She gets head and Bill says "Thank goodness its not me.".
    True freedom and our inherent responsibility:


      Is it me or are they dressed like middle eastern folk????
      Bill is the bitch that is behind the guy with the hairy ballz.


        Ah yes, the peaceful life loving capitalist...


          Dirty fuckin skank