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Charity after a tragedy ?

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    Charity after a tragedy ?

    I just read that over $7 million has been donated to help survivors and relatives of the victims of the Orlando tragedy.
    Am I such a callous SOB that I can't even begin to imagine how sending money to the survivors and relatives of the victims has anything to do with this situation ?
    Why the hell would anyone send money ?

    It's what Americans do more than any other oeople

    they send money to help with funerals, travel expenses, people out of work, etc.
    its one of the most wonderful things about us as a nation.
    One of the worst things are those that abuse it
    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


      I don't remember the exact breakdown, but the majority of the donations are corporate. If I remember correctly, Disney, and its related entities, donated over $1 million.


        What is even more disturbing is how much of that money will get funneled into the Anti 2A fight, which is not only political, but worse, it is a political dodge for the inaction of DC.

        How many of these horrible, devastating attacks might have been prevented if the animals in the "Caliphate," were crushed two years ago? We will never know for sure, but we do know one thing for sure. There could not have been more attacks, but there would have been less. Can we say there would have been no attacks?

        Of course not, BUT they couldn't have pledged allegiance to a group that didn't exist, or hadn't risen to power yet. Of course the "never let a good tragedy go to waste" is in full play. Distract the low info voters from the failures of our gov to protect us, and further vilify legal gun owners, and go "hells bells" forward with the further vilification of the "evil looking rifle." Of course it is easy to go after the evil item, just look how our gov made sure we distributed them to the cartels. G-d bless the whistle blowers that stopped the scheme, which was fully intended to put blood on that gun model. Unintended consequences suck, such as our admin choosing to distribute a model they wanted to turn more of the public against the platform. Today, Uncle Joe was fully onboard with a passionate plea against AR15's.

        I have been having heated arguments with intelligent people, since the first AWB, and what really worries me is the people that would normally engage in, or have a lucid discussion and let me at least explain both sides, with clarification of the Main Stream Media's mistakes, are starting to drink the Liberal Kool-Aid. I am a staunch supporter of the NRA, but they are being "outgunned" by the big money Libs, and the instant pivot from preventing terrorism, to gun control. I will be posting more on this. If we leave it to the RINO's, we are through. They cannot even put aside the anti-Trump stuff long enough to rally the party behind the guy that won the primaries, fair and square, with their rules!!! Was he my first choice, no, but they have to get over it.

        Waiting for HC to get indicted is a distraction, that is working. Too many people are banking on it. As I posted before, in another thread, if they do have to indict her, the dems aren't handing us any silver platters. Uncle Joe will be right in there, right in her place. He may make some really dumb gaffes, but more people, but a "huge" margin of people love the guy, and he has none of her baggage. If she wins, we are generationally screwed. If the NRA (and I would say Congress too, but they are going to be scared shitless over being on the right side of the polls before the election) doesn't get on message, and get the message out properly, we may be screwed before November. If the RINO's smell polls drifting away, they will fold very quickly, and we will have to worry which of our hard fought for rights, if any, may be left.

        Just one (of this last batch) of filthy terrorists may have done more to remove our constitutional rights than all the lefty pols, and lefty media outlets combined. All of the progress made across the country, over the last ten, to fifteen years, may be wiped out. I wonder how happy the terrorists will be, if they know that their latest attack resulted in less armed Americans, more gun free zones, etc. You really have to wonder WTF is going on when the animals, in tents and caves, will be celebrating, with their camels, with our political left.

        PS: Over 500 more refugees have come, improperly vetted, from the worst, and hottest zones, since Orlando, As top Admin officials are breaking ranks with the admin over this, including Brennan. The admin's response? They are accelerating the process right now! So as fast as they can come after law abiding gun owners, and demonize the "naught looking gun, and its owners, they are risking more American live's by accelerating un-vetted immigrants.
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          Originally posted by SimpleMan View Post
          I don't remember the exact breakdown, but the majority of the donations are corporate. If I remember correctly, Disney, and its related entities, donated over $1 million.
          ...and then the press ate them...
          nom nom nom


            Don't sweat it, I'm a callous sob also......


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