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Detroit Passes Its New ‘Bullet Bill’. Is NY Next?

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    Originally posted by Dale Sr. View Post
    I'm surprised that it's taken this long for the anti gunners to try this. The 2nd ammendment doesn't mention a thing about the guarantee to ammo to feed our firearms. I've long suspected that this would be the next big push by the anti's to further diminish our God given right to self preservation.
    Id imagine similar to how arguments against certain bills that required abortion clinics in Texas to have medical grade infrastructure, etc was seen as a de facto abortion ban, it's a very easy argument to make that limiting the availability of ammunition to the point a gun owner can't use his arms is a de facto gun ban or however you want to phrase it as a violation of the 2A.


      Hey Detroit, try banning criminals that will work just as good as the bullet bill, probably better.